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Help: using curryguide.com


- Home
- Searching & Finding it
- Live Search
- Channel content search
- using the Web-Guide
- Customize your viewing and searching options
- Saving search results for later use


  • Home
  • We tried our best to keep things plain and simple. Links to all services and options usually starts from main Home page. If in any doubt about your location, just go to Home. Home is always 1 click away from anywhere with in the site.
  • Searching & Finding it
  • You should find a search or Find it box almost anywhere. You can use:



    natural question
    (Our search engine will make the meaning out of it and find what you might be looking for)


    Boolean Syntax

    +curryguide means the WORD curryguide must be present.
    "curryguide weather" means the PHRASE curryguide weather must be present.
    +curryguide -weather means the WORD curryguide must be present but the WORD weather should not.
    You can equally use 'AND' and 'NOT' connectors instead of '+' and '-' connectors.

    To avoid it all, simply use the Advance Search option.
  • Live Search
  • Metasearch and channel content search options fetch the best sites from multiple remote sources and present them after necessary processing and sorting. You can (optionally) select the Live Search link to activate/deactivate live-Search. When live-search is On you will see the dynamic status as the results from each remote source being fetched and their status.
    You will also see the final statistics in textual form at the bottom of the results.

    When live-search is on, you can select the remote sources (engines) that should be included in your search. To do so, you can select/de-select the sources right in the search box where all the available sources are listed.
    Note: If you de-select some sources (exclude from the current search); you should see a Continue button appearing below the final statistics in textual form. This button will enable you to continue this search with remaining sources (engines).
  • Channel content search
  • As mentioned earlier, you should be able to find a search (or Find it) box almost everywhere. Type your keywords, select the channel content type and find it.

    you can select a target channel by clicking on the drop-down select button near the Keywords input box.

    Available search channels usually include:
    News (searching online news), Jobs, MP3-Music, Books, Online Auctions, kids/children sites, Images/Photos, Forum/Discussions, FTP/Downloads, Weather Forecast, Medicare Info, Federal/Government Info. etc.
  • using the Web-Guide
  • Our web-guide is built-upon Open Directory project; the biggest web-guide with all the content reviewed and added by real human beings (site editors).

    You can browse our web-guide by following the category links or search the entire guide. When with in a category you also have the option to search with in the category only.
  • Customize your viewing and searching options
  • Preference option lets you customize the view and searching options. It is recommended that you also select your local Time Zone.
    customizing your Time Zone will ensure that content will be presented to you in your local time (where appropriate); thus making the service more enjoyable.

    Note: Customization uses cookies and your browser should be allowed to accept cookies. Otherwise, your settings will be lost as soon as you close your browser.
  • Saving search results for later use
  • This NEW option lets you save your favourite listings/links temporarily. Your browser should be cookie enabled to use this popular service. You can go on to add more listings whenever necessary. You can even e-mail selected links from your Saved Search Folder to a friend.

    When you make a search or browse the web-guide; a Save Result link will appear next to each savable listing/result. Just click to save that listing/result.

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